Should I make more than one Water Account?

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Most users will create a single water account. A single water account can include parcels with different ownership and parcels from multiple GSAs. You can share access to the water account with a family member, business partner, farm manager, pca, etc. A water account has a single billing address, but you can create an account structure (see below) such that you can bill different entities within your account. 

Parcels from multiple GSAs can be added to a single Water Account. Each parcel and field has automatically been assigned to a GSA. Parcels are automatically grouped into GSA sub-accounts. If you have parcels from multiple GSAs in a single Water Account, you will receive a bill from each GSA. Each individual GSA will only have permission to view parcels in the Water Account that are under their jurisdiction. 

Water Accounts can include parcels with different ownership. For a Water Account with parcels of varying ownership authorization from the legal owner of the parcel to allow the parcel to be included in the water account. Once included in the Water Account all parcels are managed under common control.

Examples of a user creating multiple Water Accounts

  • Managing a farm for one or more clients. Each client has a separate water account.

  • Keeping your personal farming operation separate from a family farming operation or a partnership. Your personal farm has one water account and the family farming operation has one water account. 

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